Get a new roll-tarp for your trailer at Tarps R Uss.

Roll Tarp Systems

Tarps “R” Uss is a dealer of various roll tarp manufacturers around the U.S. We sell tarps, parts, kits, and electronics for most brands and work with all of them on various trailer styles.

We Service All Trailer Styles

  • End Dump
  • Hopper Bottom
  • Live Bottom
  • Side Dump
  • Tandem
  • Bell Dump
  • Pup
  • Utility

We feature the following Roll Tarp Systems!

Shur-Co | Agri-Cover | Sioux City | Thunderstone | Aero | Donovan

Contact Tarps "R" Uss today. or give us a call at 218-486-6085 to get started!