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About Tarps "R" Uss

Tarps R Uss was founded in 2007 by original founder, Russ Greminger.  Russ’s roots began in the tarping industry with a family owned company called, Shur-Co.  After over a decade with Shur-Co, Russ, went on to start his own business and that is what we know today as Tarps “R” Uss.  In 2016, ownership changed hands as Russ decided to sell the business.  Andy Krause, started as an apprenticeship to Russ in 2014.  In 2016 Andy bought the business from Russ and is the current owner of Tarps R Uss.  

Tarps R Uss has evolved over the years on how it has serviced it customers.  In the beginning, we operated out of a small single car garage doing simple tarp repairs.  From there we kept adding techniques and services we could provide to the Minnesota Lakes Area.  Today, we specialize in custom boat and pontoon covers, along with providing tarping solutions for semi-trailers.  Not to mention our custom work we have done over the years has added up.  We truly can handle most things in the tarp and textiles industry

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