Get a new boat cover from Tarps R Uss of Hawley, Minnesota.

Boat Covers

Custom Boat Covers

They are exactly that, custom made. Each boat cover is hand tailored right to the boat for a glove like fit.  Material options and colors are vast which allow you to really customize the look, function, feel and fit of your future cover. We carry brands such as Top Gun, Aqua Time HD, Sunbrella and many more.  

Restraint methods for custom boat covers can vary depending on the boat owner’s preferences.  Each custom cover is designed with a specific restraint method in mind. Common methods of restraint can be ratchet, snap-on, bungee, clip, straps, etc.

Semi-Custom Boat Covers

As a more economical option to tarp your boat, Tarps R Uss, sells semi-custom boat tarps for virtually every lake boat out there. The covers are made right here in Minnesota and provide good water repellency and can travel well when strapped or bungeed down properly.

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